Bagging Service Stations Down South


Some people collect stamps, some shoes, others like to spot trains or planes. We all have our own slightly eccentric whims that are more embarrassing pleasures than guilty ones! For me it's service stations...


So when I heard we were heading to Ledbury in Herefordshire to celebrate my Dad's 70th Birthday my initial thoughts were not of the spectacular view of the Malvern hills; nor the renowned Slimbridge Wetland Centre nearby; not even the Ledbury-based Hand Made Scotch Egg Company (with over forty varieties!). No, my immediate excitement was at the thought of visiting the legendary M5 Gloucester services! Continue reading Bagging Service Stations Down South

Photo Book of the Month: Casey Orr’s Saturday Girl

Saturday Girl, Casey Orr


June's Photo Book is a vibrant celebration of young women and their expressions of individuality. I bought this book from the exhibition at The Gallery at Munro House (an absolutely wonderful spot with a stunning Cafe next door!). The "book" has the feel of a broadsheet weekend supplement except bigger, more weighty and with no adverts!


Continue reading Photo Book of the Month: Casey Orr’s Saturday Girl

Photo Book of the Month: magnum°

Magnum Photo Book Montage  

magnum° - published by Phaidon

  Be warned; all who enter this photo book will weep tears of both joy and sorrow.   You will laugh at the wit, admire the beauty, despair at the horror, jump back with shock and dive-in with optimism. This book is a collation of every emotion that could be experienced from looking at a photo. Some photos you will want to look at again and again, some photos you will want to forget. But all the photos are unforgettable. Continue reading Photo Book of the Month: magnum°

Close Encounters of the Greylag Goose Kind

Greylag Goose Portrait But who is this creature with monstrous wings on its waterproof back? It has knobbly knees and a long stretchy neck and has terrible teeth in its terrible beak; its feet are webbed, its eyes are black. "Oh help, oh no its a Greylag Goose!"


If you're not familiar with the borrowed and adapted lines above, you've probably not read the Gruffalo (yet). For the last year or so everywhere we take our 2¾ year old involves either a great big bear (hunt) or the Gruffalo!


Observing the imagination at this age is a beautiful and inspiring thing. But when you visit a place like Slimbridge Wetland Centre, as we did last year, you don't need too much imagination to have a wild time! Continue reading Close Encounters of the Greylag Goose Kind

Wildlife Diary: Burley Bursting with Life

Blackcap singing on branch


It was the last couple of hours I had free before I had to head to London, and I knew exactly where I spending them. This was the last chance I'd get this year to photograph the toads gathering and mating up on Ilkley Moor.


I had already made two previous trips but the conditions were poor. I was hoping that this time it might be third time lucky and the conditions might just be right... for the next couple of hours at least. As I dreamed of the award winning photos awaiting me up on Ilkley Moor, I jumped in the car and turned the key in the ignition... Nothing. I tried turning the key again... and again... and again. The car was not going to start and I did not have enough time to walk.


Frustrated and annoyed I accepted defeat but by now I really needed to unravel the rage that was gripping me. At this moment, there was only one place that could release me from my monsters. The river. Continue reading Wildlife Diary: Burley Bursting with Life

Stuck in the Middle of Middleham Moor

Horse jump, fence Middleham Moor I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "there's worse places to be stuck than on Middleham Moor..."
A train stuck between two stations after someone's nicked the copper from the railway line?
Stuck in the city, waiting for the night bus among a crowd of strangers who've evidently had a better night than you?
Or stuck in the ninth circle of hell, also known as the M25?!


Yes, there are indeed hundreds of worse places to be stuck but getting stuck; like getting lost, can sometimes be a good thing. Continue reading Stuck in the Middle of Middleham Moor