Head Above the Clouds on Ilkley Moor

Cloud inversion settled over the Lower Wharedale Valley


It's a dark, foggy Monday morning. The kind of morning that makes everything feel like a drag, even, no especially, getting out of bed.


Despite the dull, dank start to the day and a touch of man flu, I force myself up and out of the house. Commuters have already begun their autonomous walk to the train station. As I drive passed these shadowy figures, draped in murky cloud, I start praying that my hunch is correct. Continue reading Head Above the Clouds on Ilkley Moor

Toads, caught in a web of lust

Mating toads caught in toad spawn A couple weeks CB and I along with a couple of good friends attended the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards at the Mall Galleries. It was a fab night and a stunning exhibition. To have a photo hung alongside such amazing images was a genuine honour and I was completely thrilled to receive a highly commended in the 'behaviour' category of the awards. Rich Bunce Walking Photographer at British Wildlife Photography Awards Continue reading Toads, caught in a web of lust

Winter is Coming…

Walking dog during snow storm blizzard At last, some real wintry weather is on its way! With the recent media coverage, it seems the whole world knows about the unusually warm and wet weather we've had so far. But now the weather warnings for Yorkshire and the North East are changing from rain to snow. Continue reading Winter is Coming…

Up on Ilkley Moor with John Stidworthy

Ilkley Moor landscape After launching Walking Photographer Tours, it wasn't long before I became a business member of the Friends of Ilkley Moor. As a member I was invited to attend the Friend's of Ilkley Moor (FoIM) AGM where I learnt a great deal about the inner workings that go into the upkeep of this celebrated moor. I wanted to share the work of FoIM with www.WalkingPhotographer.co.uk readers and arranged an interview with John Stidworthy, who was elected Chairman for Friends of Ilkley Moor in 2013... Continue reading Up on Ilkley Moor with John Stidworthy