Up on Ilkley Moor with John Stidworthy

Ilkley Moor landscape After launching Walking Photographer Tours, it wasn't long before I became a business member of the Friends of Ilkley Moor. As a member I was invited to attend the Friend's of Ilkley Moor (FoIM) AGM where I learnt a great deal about the inner workings that go into the upkeep of this celebrated moor. I wanted to share the work of FoIM with www.WalkingPhotographer.co.uk readers and arranged an interview with John Stidworthy, who was elected Chairman for Friends of Ilkley Moor in 2013... Continue reading Up on Ilkley Moor with John Stidworthy

Walking with Friends

Walking with friends on Ilkley moor After seeing a request from Countryfile for suggestions on new locations, I decided to email them and suggest Rombald's Moor. While I was looking for some photos to support my suggestion I stumbled upon some pics I'd taken while on a walk with friends visiting us from Ireland. Continue reading Walking with Friends

There’s Snow Time Like Snow Time… Part 2

Ilkley Moor in the Snow "As promised" - Is something I typically hear when someone is delivering something that is, in fact, a little later than they had initially promised! I believe that in There's Snow Time Like Snow Time Part 1  I promised to deliver this Snowy Ilkley post later in the week... Timing it with Walking Wednesday or rather #walkwednesday, proves that sometimes 'As Promised' does indeed mean just that! So, here are some of the photographs I managed to get when out on Ilkley moor by Cow and Calf rocks...

There’s Snow Time Like Snow Time… Prt 1

Well I thought I'd try and get a topical post out for a change as I'm continually playing catchup with the Walking Photographer blog. But in what seems like the blinking of an eye, the majority of the snow has melted and strong winds carrying yet more rain are apparently imminent. Yet again I find myself a step or two lagging! Anyway here are some photographic offerings from the recent snowfall that transformed Burley Moor, like much of the UK, into a winter wonderland! I also took a walk out by Cow and Calf where I took a number of snowy photographs. I will publish these photos later this week. To keep up with the latest Walking Photographer news, photographs and posts be sure to follow on twitter and like the new Facebook page

Sticks and Stones, Oh… and Some Sheep!

sheep overlooking ilkley, ilkley moor Sounding like something out of a good Indiana Jones movie (when Harrison Ford was the young one)... A hunt for the 'Swastika Stone' on Ilkley moor seemed like the perfect Sunday adventure for a couple of  lazy morning ramblers. The Swastika stone is thought to be either Bronze age (like many other stones found in the area) or Iron Age and there's some ambiguity over the stone's meaning too, although in a number of ancient civilizations similar designs are thought to relate to the sun. The stone is located a relatively short walk west of White Wells Spa Cottage, which has had accessible baths since 1703, was instrumental in giving Ilkley its Spa town status and has reported visits from the likes of Charles Darwin. The stones are such a short walk from here (a couple of miles I'd guess),  we decided to extend our walk. I say 'stones' because there are in fact two Swastika stones. One is a Victorian replica which actually helps pick out the pattern of the considerably fainter original sat just behind. Our walk continued past the stones, past Panorama Reservoir and onto Hardwick House farm, where I got momentarily obsessed with some very photogenic sheep! From the farm we walked down until we reached the River Wharfe where we followed the Dales Way back into Ilkley town centre. Nature on the walk included numerous encounters with curlews and red grouse, which seem to occur on many of our Yorkshire walks, and we also caught sight of a tree creeper. We finished the day at the Cow and Calf Hotel with an enjoyable pint of Leeds Pale Ale but  before making our ascent to the watering hole we stopped off to refuel. The Vintage Tea Room on Wells Road is an original, friendly and very well done tea room with irresistible homemade cakes and a list of speciality teas longer than my photography equipment wish list (which is larger than a News International legal bill!). A cream tea for two was just what was needed to make the final steps on our Ilkley walk!