A Cost Too Deer

Fallow Deer by bin in Bushy park


It's the weekend and it's warm, some would argue hot. It feels too soon to call it a Summer's day, but a little late to call it Spring. One thing beyond doubt is that this weekend is the hottest of the year so far.


Just like flying ant day, the sun has stirred the sleepy inhabitants of South West London's suburbs into a frenzy of activity. They come in their hundreds and thousands as they descend upon the carefully managed and tightly bordered Royal Parks of Richmond and Kingston. They come to feast on the sun's rays and breathe in the ancient green air.


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Photo Walk Through the Turner Prize… With a 2 Year Old

So you think Trump and Brexit are divisive subjects? Try reading the comments board of the Turner Prize!

While it may feel like discussion over Brexit and Trump have been going on forever, the UK’s most famous (or infamous) art prize is an old hand at peddling controversy and polarising opinion.

I have my own history with The Turner prize and it seems to have serendipitously played a role in some of the more significant moments in my life... Continue reading Photo Walk Through the Turner Prize… With a 2 Year Old

2016: In Light of Kids & Dogs

Toddler on the neach at Saltburn by the Sea

What can I say about 2016 that hasn't already been said, argued, analysed, chewed up and spat out again?

It has certainly felt like a defining year. I've had a really prolific and creative year, have experienced some truly magical moments with friends and family, but it's also been a tough year, where I've experienced some hard and unfamiliar challenges.

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The Healing Waters of Gordale Beck

Janet's Foss Waterfall landscape in late autumn It's 5.30am on a Friday, I haven't slept very well, I haven't slept very well all week. My wife and two year old boy are asleep in the same bed after an unsettled and at times fractious night. I lightly kiss them both on the cheek and forehead, grab my camera bag and head downstairs. Our Lurcher Alfie is awake and happy to see me, he seems keen for an adventure. I hesitate for a second and then slip his collar on; it will be nice to have some company that is oblivious to the seismic changes our world seems intent on.   Continue reading The Healing Waters of Gordale Beck

Happy Adoption Day no.3 Alfie!

ok6a8052wrkAnother Year Flies By (just like Alfie!)

The year since Adoption Day II has been a funny one. It's been one of those years that's full of ups and downs, with happy times, sad times, fun times and bad times. But Alfie can make even the toughest of days seem lighter, and having him around for another 365 days is a blessing that's hard to put into words. So I put them into pictures instead... Continue reading Happy Adoption Day no.3 Alfie!

Please. Step away from the screen & take a walk

IMG_7360 I don't know about you, but the last couple of days for me here in the UK have felt seismic, unprecedented and at times pretty heavy. It seems no-one really knows what's going to happen from here on in. Which means the news is compelling and social networks are buzzing louder than ever. As people sit (understandably) fixated on their screens waiting for the next drip of news, I wonder, may be it's the advertisers who are the real winners of this referendum?! As easy at it is to get pulled into the sensationalistic media bubble, it is essential to step out of it for air and the only way I know how to do that is to take a walk! Continue reading Please. Step away from the screen & take a walk