Good Photos from Bad Weather

Dramatic landscape with strong light and shadows Walking up a hill in driving wind, rain, sleet and snow might not be everyone's idea of a fun morning but I actually find it quite exhilarating!


On this occasion, the motivation behind my "mad dogs and Englishmen" behaviour is to make a Youtube video demonstrating how bad weather can produce cracking photos.


The result is a fantastic example of just how quickly the British weather can change...


Here's some of the photos from the morning...


Shake off the winter blues and get outdoors!

Sunrise over Burley Moor, Wharfedale As winter arrives and the days grow shorter, it's easy to feel a little gloomy. The "winter blues" as they call them, are a very common experience around this time of year. But there is also a number of very cool things that come with winter and the shortened daylight hours. One of the best ones is that you don't have to get up so early to catch a sunrise! Continue reading Shake off the winter blues and get outdoors!

Test Touring Ilkley Moor with an iPhone

Last weekend me and Alfie braved the wind and rain up on Ilkley Moor to test out some routes for Walking Photographer Tours. The horizontal rain didn't dampen our spirits; even accidentally planting a foot in Coldstone Beck (cold!) didn't put us, well, me off! Continue reading Test Touring Ilkley Moor with an iPhone

First ‘Photo Walk Social’ gets a lucky break in the Weather!

On 1st March 2014, two things happened: the first ever Walking Photographer Social began and the first sunny day of the year arrived! The Walking Photographer Social is a monthly, informal photo walk and this first one marked the launch of Walking Photographer Tours, which will be running a wide variety of photography workshops throughout Yorkshire this year and beyond! Continue reading First ‘Photo Walk Social’ gets a lucky break in the Weather!

A New Way to Enjoy Photography in Yorkshire

Walking Photographer Tours Here's a Press Release I've been sending out about the launch of Walking Photographer Tours. I hope It's of interest to some of you and that I'll see you on one of the workshops in the near future.

Get Up, Get Out, Get Exposed!

Next month sees the launch of Walking Photographer Tours: an innovative Yorkshire-based photography venture that is all about the joys of photo walking. As well as learning new skills, Walking Photographer Tours helps you to reinterpret your local environment while meeting new people and having fun. Continue reading A New Way to Enjoy Photography in Yorkshire

Introducing, Walking Photographer Tours…

Walking Photographer Tours website I'm very excited to introduce my newest venture: Walking Photographer Tours. This is a project that aims to help people improve their photographic and creative skills in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. There are many desired outcomes from the various courses, tours and education workshops including helping people connect and re-imagine their local environment. Walking Photographer Tours will introduce participants of all ages and backgrounds to an activity that is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. They will be provided with skills and experience that will spark a lifetime's enthusiasm for getting creative outdoors!

Want to attend a workshop free of charge?

Walking Photographer Tours is offering 4 people the chance to attend one of two workshops free of charge... More Information