Walking Photographer aka “The Nature Dude”

Hedgehog portrait Bats, owls, deer, kingfisher and hedgehogs are just a few of the awesome wildlife that can be seen regularly (ish) around Burley in Wharfedale. I'd wager that the dog walkers of Burley probably get more sightings than most. Last year while walking our dog Alfie around the village, he discovered a very young hedgehog stranded in the local car park. It was clearly injured and distressed. We ran back to the house and grabbed the gardening gloves along with a large box and took the little fella straight to Ashlands Veterinary Centre. They took him in, referred him to a hedgehog carer and that was that. I left the vets feeling I had done the right thing and had experienced an extraordinary wildlife encounter. What I didn't expect, was to have a similar situation just a year later! Continue reading Walking Photographer aka “The Nature Dude”

Nesting Kingfisher in Burley… and in 3D

kingfisher sitting on branch 3D image I've never come across anyone who hasn't been filled with wonder and excitement after seeing a kingfisher. I can still recall every single sighting I've ever had. More often than not they're rather fleeting encounters, usually a blur of blue and orange flashing past. Continue reading Nesting Kingfisher in Burley… and in 3D