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Photography workshops, education and outreach work from Walking Photographer The joy of being outdoors and taking photographs is something everyone should be able to access. Walking Photographer offers a variety of workshop, education and outreach programmes that share the benefits and awesomeness of getting creative outdoors! Every course, workshop and talk delivers:

The principles & concepts behind creative photography, delivered in an original, practical and enjoyable way

A way to re-imagine and connect with the local landscape

An introduction to a new activity that can be repeated as part of a group or individually and in a digital age can be virtually free

The inspiration and love of being active outdoors that will go on to ignite a lifelong passion for nature and the environment

Whether you are an individual, school, college, club or social group, you'll find Walking Photographer workshops and talks equally engaging and inspirational. You can find out more by visiting or you can make an enquiry by entering your details below.

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