Pied Flycatcher, Burley in Wharfedale

Most Epic Moorside Morning Yet...

Job cancellations come with the territory when you're a freelancer; and since that eruption of  coronavirus, work postponements and cancellations have become nearly as frequent (and inconvenient) as my ageing bladder! But not all cancellations are born equal. Read more

Pair of Curlew on development site

Shadow Over Sun Lane

Roe Deer young family, Sun Lane
“What will the generation after you blame you for then, I wonder?!” My Dad fires out across the dinner table, in an attempt to turn defence into offence during  an almost customary battle of words. Read more

Colossus Hummingbird (Gigas Numenius) Spotted Over Sun Lane Development Plot

Colossus Hummingbird (Gigas Numenius) Spotted Over Sun Lane Development Plot

On the 1st of April 2022 reports of a fictus avian named the Colussus Humming Bird (Gigas Numenius) caused twitchers from across the UK to descend en masse to Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire. Read more

Swan swimming in the sunrise at St Aidan's

A Spring Morning over St Aidan's

St Aidan's near Leeds is a wildlife haven born out disused opencast coal mine. It's incredible, and inspiring  to think how an environment so scared by human activity no offers refuge to such a diverse and eclectic range of wildlife.Read more

The Sinner & Gene Therapy (Lunenburg, Nova Scotia)

My parents will enthusiastically tell anyone who listens, how from an early age I blamed all my faults on my genes and used genetics as absolution from any of my wrongs. Smart kid right?! What happened?! :D Read more

Little Egret shaking it's head and feathers raised

Taking it One Step and One Sniff at a Time

It was one of those walks where Alfie (our lurcher) had to stop and take a long sniff every couple of metres!Read more

Alfie Grey Lurcher dog on Saltburn Beach Yorkshire

Happy New Year Alfie!

Another year blessed with our wonderful lurcher Alfie! Read more

House Sparrow in flight

“Winning” in Southall with Sparrows

As a daydreaming, continually grazed-kneed five-six-seven-year-old, visits to my grandparents in Southall were often met with mixed emotions.  Read more

Alder Leaf Beetle, Agelastica alni photographed at Burley in Wharfedale West Yorkshire

The Un-Extinct Alder Leaf Beetle From the Doorstep

Can you keep a secret? I've succumbed a new camera! 😱  More on that another time, but of course the first thing anyone wants to do when they get anything new, is to test it out, and I'm no different!Read more

Otter on the river Wharfe, Ben Rhydding Nature Reserve

Tails, from the Riverside

Oh, how I’d love to tell you about how I woke up hours before sunrise. How I hand-ground some coffee and gently simmered it over a stove before stepping out into the cold and dark. That I went into full camouflage mode, rubbed otter spraint into the pores of my skin and waited motionless for hours in anticipation of my quarry. While the reality is somewhat more mundane, my most recent and closest encounter yet with otters was no less magical and no less authentic. Read more