Wildflower meadow scene featuring an old barn, Muker Yorkshire Dales Photo Walk

Wildflower Fields of Muker - Holding Your Nerve in the eye of a storm

When it comes to the weather, I’ve learned not to buckle until I’ve stared long into the eyes of the storm (from the safety of the attic window)!

Too many times, I’ve cancelled a walk only to find myself surrounded by calm, blue skies. Obviously when it comes to hazardous weather you must take heed, but forecasts of Les Miserables outcomes just have to be taken with a pinch of salt and a dose of positive mental attitude. 

Actually, going out in miserable weather can sometimes produce exciting photographic possibilities. This particular walk in Muker’s flower meadows was such occasion.


The rain had barely stopped all day. Ranging from light pitter patter to lashings of heavy drops. Intense rain, deafening rain, reminiscent of a child gleefully tipping a bucket of marbles over the kitchen floor. I wasn’t surprised that some had tentatively enquired about whether the walk was going ahead. Actually I was surprised more hadn’t demanded we postpone. 

“Let’s wait it out” I said, “sometimes, these conditions can result in really inspiring conditions for photography” I sheepishly offered. And so we went ahead, doubling my efforts to overcome any understandable scepticism in the group. And while we didn’t stay dry, we were treated to some exceptional and exciting light and photo opportunities… 

These photos are from the Wildflower Meadow Photo Walk I ran last year as part of my workshop business Walking Photography.

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Young Peregrine fledgling in flight, Malham
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