It’s unlikely you’ve met anyone who waxes lyrical about service stations quite as much as me. I have a ranking table, and Tebay Services tops it.

So any excursions to the West of Scotland will always feature a Tebay pitstop and this Easter’s trip to Seil was no different.

Arrival at Seil

With a recorded population of 560, the family gathering of 10 plus Molly the Lurcher, might have been enough to make the Isle feel crowded, certainly more chaotic with the introduction of four feral pre-teen children!

Photographically, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from previous visits to Scotland it’s that any and all conditions are fleeting. So despite feeling a little done in from the seven-plus hour drive, when that first night revealed a clear starlit sky, I forced myself up the closest hill and couldn’t believe what appeared in the viewfinder…

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