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TV sitting in the Snow at Glenariff, Northern Ireland

A recent journey up the M1 (in the passenger seat) gave me the opportunity to process some photos that had been collecting dust on my laptop for a while. These photos are from a trip to Northern Ireland for our good friends’ wedding, back in 2013 over the Easter Holidays. In the build up to the wedding at Strangford Lough, we allowed a little time to explore some of the Antrim coastline. This included a visit to Glenariff. What we hadn’t anticipated were the high levels of snow dumped just a few days earlier.

The snow was so deep in fact, that RAF helicopters were having to facilitate food drops to stranded herds of cattle. The high levels of snow meant that the forest park was closed. But the phrase ‘mad dogs and Englishmen’ isn’t solely applicable to sweltering climates! We decided to see how far we could get. Much of the park was indeed inaccessible, slowly but surely though, we shuffled, skidded, stumbled and crawled around, while taking in some stunning views and gorgeous scenery…