Aurora borealis Northern Lights over Mull from Seil

Oh What a Night, Seil Part 1: Northern Lights

It's unlikely you've met anyone who waxes lyrical about service stations quite as much as me. I have a ranking table, and Tebay Services tops it. Read more

Snowfall in Lockdown, a Slow Video

If there's one thing I've been consistently good at from childhood to now, it's looking out of windows. So as I try to focus on some image editing, it's no surprise that the sight of snow falling on the rooftops around me pulls my gaze like a blue bottle to a UV strobe. Computer off, tripod up, home studio window open and an afternoon gone. To help justify my poor discipline and beyond hope attention span, I made a short video of it (the snowfall not my attention span!). I hope you enjoy...

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Reminiscent Walks in Royal Parks (Richmond & Bushy)

“Do you miss it?”  - It’s a question I still hear at least a handful of times a year after swapping the busy London boroughs for a quieter suburban life in Yorkshire. Over the years I’ve honed and refined my answers, often opting to give the questioner a polished but personalised version of the answer they wanted or expected to hear. Read more

New Normal - Portrait Project taken during the Covid 19 corona virus lockdown in the UK by Rich Bunce Walking Photographer

New Normal, A Lockdown Portraiture Project

"I need things to go back to normal; I just don't want it to."

2020 has been been a terrible year, but it has also been a defining year. It has forced change, some good, some bad. It has introduced what many describe as a "new normal". Read more

Walking With Ciara

Local videos of ominous brown water reaching conservatory doors, trampolines on railway lines and a blockade that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Les Miserables in front of our local pub. “Viva La Red Lion!” Read more

Every Moment Matters: Tide and Time at Ravenscar

Every moment matters” - A trope that feels more true today as I charge eastward, attempting to reach my destination before the sun kisses the horizon. It’s the start of winter, a time when tide and time conspire to ruin the best-laid plans of mice and photographers! Read more

Unique snow shape sculpted by the beast from the east

Walking With The Beast

When you think of the wild, what do you think of? The Masai Mara? Antarctica? A South American Rainforest? Or maybe it’s a children’s birthday party at a soft play centre! Read more