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Female Red Grouse on Moor

Sunshine brings out the Chicks on Burley Moor…

OK so Burley Moor might not be the best place to hang out if you are looking for a date but if you’re looking to spot some cute birds of the feathered variety I can thoroughly recommend it!

There are currently a number of birds on the moor acting very protectively including lapwings, curlews and skylarks. This leads me to think that if there isn’t already, there will soon be some pretty cool fledglings hopping about the moor!

Recently I have had sporadic encounters with various red grouse chicks. These experiences tend to be more by accident than design. To me, they remain invisible until they’re nearly underfoot! I was lucky enough to spot a single chick last week, as I knelt down to get a better camera angle three siblings, who had apparently been just centimetres away, made a break for it! It was a startling but very cool encounter.

I was delighted to observe the arrival of bats feeding nearby our house last week. I noticed them through a window as we were heading for bed-ford-shire but couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and trying to get a couple of photos.

Still so much wildlife going on around Burley in Wharfedale so get out there! Also, it’s Otley Walking Fest this week and there are some great walks planned.

Here’s some photo highlights from the week:

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