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Lost Words, Robert MacFarlane


This month’s book is a timely book of spells, full of magic and charm.


Yes, I know this is normally a “photo book” feature but I recently bought this stunning publication for our kids (as I keep having to remind myself!) and I absolutely love it.


The book features poems in the form of spells, written by top-notch author Robert Macfarlane, which are accompanied with a very generous portion of spellbinding and absorbing illustrations, courtesy of Jackie Morris.


The title reflects the loss of connection between people and nature, between children and the wild. The book hopes to rekindle this dwindling connection and revive a passion for our own natural worlds.


I had a girlfriend once who found my need to name and label every natural encounter both perplexing and, I suspect, frustrating. “Why do you have to put a name to everything? Would you enjoy the experience less for not giving it a name?” These are questions that have lingered with me over the years.


May be, this book has brought some finality to those questions. Having the words to describe and name an experience, gives it roots. Words help make that experience grow, they make it harder to forget, easier to share. Sharing often leads to caring and maybe in caring we might be able to save not just words but the wildlife entangled in those words.


It’s certainly my hope that this magical book will inspire our own children to seek out wild experiences and help give them the words to share and care for them.


Reading Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane


Reading Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane