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Robot Scarecrow at Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival
Robot Scarecrow at Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

Those who follow my activity on Facebook or Twitter will not only know that the Burley Summer Festival is in full swing but will also know Aflie (my trusted walking companion) won Handsomest Dog and Best in Show at the annual dog show!

Alfie and Rich Bunce Walking Photographer at Burley Dog Show

At last year’s summer festival I managed to take a few shots and publish a blog post on Burley Summer Festival 2013 . This year my contribution to the festival was designing the program cover and leading a photo walk event.

The sudden arrival of the festival reminded me of our spellbinding visit to the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival last year. With a very new born baby at home we thought it best to give this year a miss, but here’s some of my favourites from last year…