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Walking Photographer Tours
Here’s a Press Release I’ve been sending out about the launch of Walking Photographer Tours. I hope It’s of interest to some of you and that I’ll see you on one of the workshops in the near future.

Get Up, Get Out, Get Exposed!

Next month sees the launch of Walking Photographer Tours: an innovative Yorkshire-based photography venture that is all about the joys of photo walking. As well as learning new skills, Walking Photographer Tours helps you to reinterpret your local environment while meeting new people and having fun.

Walking Photographer is freelance artist, award-winning photographer and designer Rich Bunce. Rich has been blogging for years about his love of photography and getting outdoors on Now he is actively sharing the thrill of outdoor photography by delivering a range of workshops designed to inspire a love of being creative outside!

Recent studies by Walking for Health revealed that only 4-6% of adults, and alarmingly 0% of girls aged 11-15, achieve recommended daily activity levels. A trained Walking for Health Walk Leader, Rich is passionate about helping others get out and get creative in the great outdoors.

Digital photography is more accessible and economical than ever. The rise in popularity and advancements in technology mean that photo walks are one of the most cost-effective and enjoyable ways of keeping active!

Walking Photographer Tours will introduce you to the wonders of photo walks and equip you with the skills necessary to embark on your own walking photography adventures.

Walking Photographer Social

It all kicks off with a Walking Photographer Social on 1st March in Addingham, West Yorkshire. The Social is a relaxed and informal photo walk, and like all the best walks you’ll end up in a warm, friendly pub!

Walking Photographer Social poster

Get a Grip Photography Course

Next comes the Get a Grip Workshop on 22nd March in Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire. Get a Grip gets you familiar with all those modes, buttons and features on your camera. You’ll also learn the principles of taking stunning photos and get to practice your skills with Rich on hand to help.

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