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Railway Garden at Golden Acre Park

I love Golden Acre Park. It has literally everything a photographer could want! It is crammed with subject matter, with inspiration to be found around every corner. With the Golden Acre Park Photo Walk coming up this Saturday, I recently headed over to check on the route. The problem was, I didn’t make it past the cafe! I know what you’re thinking, and normally you’d be right, but on this occasion the cafe was actually shut. The reason I didn’t make it past the Cafe was because in front of it is the award winning railway garden which was catching the light beautifully. So I found myself caught up, trying to capture the garden and waiting for the fleeting moments where the golden bursts of light broke through the clouds.

Before I knew it, it was time to rush back and finish the sausage and bean casserole. Just as I was packing up a pair of Bull finches landed on a plant no more than a metre away, feeding on it’s seeds. Needless to say, no sooner had I reached for my camera than they disappeared!

Abstract  wild flower flield moving

Section of the Railway Garden at Golden Acre Park