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This time last year we were driving home from RSPCA Craven with a very timid Alfie in the back. When we first brought him home he was so nervous, very scared of sudden movements and even ran-away from slow-moving tennis balls.

Today, it feels like Alfie has always been part of the family, he feels and acts very at home now and even chases sticks! It’s been an unbelievably awesome year and we’re looking forward to sharing many more with our favourite pal!

Here’s some of the highlights from his first year…

Alfie has fallen in love with the Yorkshire landscape and moorlands

Alfie pet dog at dawn on Yorkshire moor

He also discovered a love for hiding in long grass

Alfie pet dog sitting in the long grass

Alfie assisted Rich Bunce Walking Photographer on the odd job

Alfie dog sitting by Rich Bunce Walking Photographer

He can be remarkably patient!

Alfie sitting during night photo shoot

And after a hard day’s work, he loves to curl up on his favourite sofa and watch TV

Alfie dog curled up on the sofa

He’s been overseas (Northern Ireland)

Pet dog Alfie lying on the beach, Bangor

Made some friends

Pet dog Alfie and Jack Russel Smudge at pop-up art event in Bangor

And made some more friends!

Kids petting Alfie

Not so long ago his brother from another Mother arrived

CB and Alfie and Ted walking country lane

He flirted with celebredom

Pet dog Alfie and Rich Bunce Walking Photographer in Journal Newspaper

Won a dog portrait contest

Mountain Warehouse dog photo competition

And won Best in Show at the Burley Dog Show

Alfie and Rich Bunce Walking Photographer at Burley Dog Show

But what Alfie loves most… is to run!

Pet dog Alfie running on the beach

and run!


and run!

Followed with an ice bath

Pet dog Alfie sitting on stream on Burley Moor

And maybe some more sleep…

Pet dog Alfie asleep in his bed, dog sleeping

Happy Birthday Alfie!!!

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