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A slight distraction from the Wharfedale wildlife this week as my head has been turned by scarecrows, dogs and home grown veg!

Last week, Burley in Wharfedale swelled with people and pride as crowds descended from all around to partake in our week long summer festival!

Much to our annoyance, there was a great deal Mrs Walking Photographer and I missed. This couldn’t be helped, but so impressive was the little that we did see, we’ll be keeping the entire week free for 2014!

Historic walks, vintage car show, Céilidh and a beer festival are just a few of the cool events that we missed. Here are some glimpses of what we did get to see:


Opening the week of festivities was the Burley Dog Show. Kids being dragged around by dogs half their size is always entertaining!
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The 2013 Scarecrow competition saw loads of amazing scarecrows all over the village… some were even interactive, the bar has definitely been raised for 2014!
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I’ve always been fascinated by allotments so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go have a nosy…
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