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Lakeice, Tessa Bunney - Photo Book of the Month


Play the word association game with me and if you say Bradford, I’ll say Impressions Gallery. I can’t visit the city centre without a trip to this special photography gallery.


So when we recently traveled to Bradford registry to record the birth of our newborn boy, of course I dragged the family to check out the gallery’s latest exhibition (Kurt Tong’s ‘The Queen, The Chairman and I’). After checking out the exhibition I took the customary browse around the book shop.


Sitting on one of the tables was a unique publication, with an eye-catching sleeve cover. ‘Järvenjää/Lakeice‘ by photographer Tessa Bunney is a little gem of a book. The project explores the people of Järvenjää’s connection to the immediate natural environment that surrounds them. It’s a book that’s right up my street and full of delightful photographs. You can see photos from this project on Bunney’s website: