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Anemone under water photograph in rock pool, walking Skye, Scotland

The last walk in this Skye Walker Series left me with a souvenir. A black and shiny souvenir… on my bottom! This was the best bruise I’ve achieved since a snowboarding trip in the three valleys too many moons ago. It came about for the usual reasons: overexcitement and lack of concentration. In case you’re feeling nervous about flicking through the consequential photos, don’t be. You’ll be relieved to hear that I failed to document this rather original memento!

The walk along Waterloo beach, near Broadford offers yet another unique landscape to take in.  It’s hard to describe as there is such a variety of terrain: patches of grassland full of watery potholes,  strange rock formations and more rock pools you can shake a stick at! Oh, and when the tide is out, a sandy beach is uncovered.

This doesn’t appear to be a particularly popular walk. Comparatively, it’s not a ‘classic’ walk either, but it is a fascinating one and offers more than enough to keep any walker intrigued!

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