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Post-Script photo book by Laura El-Tantawy

“Standing in the Shadow of the Pyramids,
The beginning meets the end.
Here I choose to my bury my most valued possession,
In a place I once called home.” – Laura El-Tantawy


I came across Laura El-Tantawy’s work at last year’s Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery. Although El-Tantawy didn’t win the prize, for me, her work was the most engaging, topical and compelling of all the other shortlisted works… By a country mile. 


After the Exhibition I headed straight down to the Gallery’s (amazing!) book shop. I was desperate to get a copy of the exhibited photo book “In the Shadow of the Pyramids”  however the 500 copies of this limited edition publication had completely sold out. So I had to settle for a signed, no.46 of 750 edition of Post-Sript (pictured above).


It is a stunning and emotive collection of images. The captivating photographs elevate this project beyond categorisation; street photography, photo journalism, documentary, personal… I call it Art.


Here’s a short video with El-Tantawy from the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize…



You can find more information on Laura El-Tantawy and In the Shadows of the Pyramids visit