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Hide That Can Book by Deirdre O Callaghan


This month’s photo book is a throw back to a time before photography was mainstream. Before camera phones had arrived and before documentary photography was overshadowed by this thing they call “street photography”.


I bought the book after seeing Deirdre O’Callaghan’s ‘Hide That Can‘ project on the walls of the V&A museum. I was instantly drawn to the way she composed her photographs and the way she represented the characters in front of the camera. It is a book a often draw reference from.


Much of the contemporary documentary and street photography I see in the media today seems more invasive, more sensationalistic and maybe more opinionated than ever. What I love about this book is the sense of honesty, sensitivity, modesty and objectivity that flows throughout the collection of photos. And that’s why I chose it for August’s Photo Book of the Month!

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