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I first discovered Rena Effendi’s photography about this time last year, when I went to see her exhibition and listen to her speak at Impressions Gallery, Bradford. I was immediately drawn to her work her use of light and colour throughout the project Liquid Land is exemplary. I had no hesitation in buying the book from the Impressions Gallery bookshop straight after the talk!

In this book, Rena Effendi explores the environments and people affected by industrial pollution, but the book seems to go a bit further than that. For want of a better phrase, it becomes a “voyage of self discovery” as she goes onto explore her own relationship with both her Father and the landscape that she grew up in.

The book is filled with beautiful and fascinating images that are refreshingly sensitive to the people and environments in which they were taken. If you’re looking for examples of good use of light and colour in photography this book wont disappoint.

Rena Effendi’s Liquid Dreams is available on Amazon here