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Horse jump, fence Middleham Moor
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “there’s worse places to be stuck than on Middleham Moor…

A train stuck between two stations after someone’s nicked the copper from the railway line?
Stuck in the city, waiting for the night bus among a crowd of strangers who’ve evidently had a better night than you?
Or stuck in the ninth circle of hell, also known as the M25?!


Yes, there are indeed hundreds of worse places to be stuck but getting stuck; like getting lost, can sometimes be a good thing.


A few years ago my Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary with a big family gathering in the quaint, medieval town of Middleham. Now there’s a great many things I could say about Middleham, its connections to Richard III, its deep traditions in horse racing that continue to this day, the Middleham Jewel found near the castle that’s worth around £2.5 million. Yet, the thing that inexplicably sticks in my mind, is the fact that Middleham lies within Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales but also falls under Richmondshire District while at the same time possesses a Darlington postcode (DL8)! This extraordinary gift for remembering the most unremarkable observations reveals why I tend to avoid, or at least say very little at events where people are unaccustomed to my talent for noting the unnoteworthy.


But back to getting stuck on Middleham Moor. The Ruby Anniversary celebrations revolved around a week’s stay at Middleham House, where friends and family would drop in and drop out over the seven days. On one of the days we all decided to visit the Forbidden Corner, a rather eccentric theme park not far down the road. It was a muggy, close day and on arrival we discovered that dogs (rather ironically) were “forbidden”. Not wanting to leave our Lurcher Alfie in the car on such a humid day, I volunteered to forego my entrance into this proscribed realm. Instead Alfie and I wandered over to Middleham Moor; here we would remain, stuck until the others had had their fill of the other worldly delights at the Forbidden Corner.


As I alluded to earlier, it was a wonderful landscape to get lost in and just several years later, I’ve finally managed to go through the photos!


Want to explore Middleham? On 26th April 2017 I’ll be leading a Photo Walk Social at Middleham. Find out more and book on the Walking Photographer Social page.