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Line of trees against sky

I’ve been putting off writing this blog post, yet it’s something that has been relentlessly niggling away in the back of my mind. I guess it’s because I feel it’s one of my more poignant, more important posts.

Editing family albums and stories that reflect only on the best of times, is no new thing. Yet, since the explosion of social media, may be our exposure to these edited life stories of idyllic happiness are a little more ‘in your face’ than they used to be.

Not all walks are happy, joyous affairs and like many folk on Facebook or wherever, it could be easy for me to only share my best walks on this blog. To create an illusion that my life is a continuous sequence of awesome, inspiring and carefree walks. But that is not the reality.

Just before Christmas, my mother in law died unexpectedly. It was a heavy loss, that we are still struggling to come to terms with. The photos below are from a walk taken with friends and family, the morning after the service celebrating her life.

These photos document not just a thoughtful walk taken at a sad time. They also describe the importance of embracing the good and precious moments that can still be experienced despite being caught in the wake of sorrow.