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There wasn’t a corner of Burley in Wharfedale that you couldn’t pick up the aroma of BBQ this weekend! The butchers weren’t the only guys busy this week here. The sudden rise in temperature has sparked a nesting frenzy! Just walking to the shops, I see a flurry of birds darting in different directions beaks full of nesting material.

I’ve been local most of the week which has been great for getting out and about the area.

This week’s notable wildlife…

  • 5 or 6 Redpolls seen at Sun Lane Nature Reserve feeders. They looked great with their deep red breeding colours!
  • Saw a sparrow twice on the same walk once near Greenholme Mills the second time near the subway by Generous Pioneer.
  • Spotted a Black Cap by ‘the Goit’ between Greenholme Mills and the Stepping Stones
  • Seen at least one house martin going into a bankside nest near the stepping stones also saw a dipper splashing around a little further down the stream
  • Seen a ton of Blackbirds, great birds!
  • Saw several swallows feeding over the river Wharfe on the stretch that runs close to A65 (just after st Marys Church going into Otley)
  • Heard a Cuckoo in the Burley Woodhead area

Here’s this week in Burley through a lens…

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