Happy Adoption Day no.3 Alfie!

ok6a8052wrkAnother Year Flies By (just like Alfie!)

The year since Adoption Day II has been a funny one. It's been one of those years that's full of ups and downs, with happy times, sad times, fun times and bad times. But Alfie can make even the toughest of days seem lighter, and having him around for another 365 days is a blessing that's hard to put into words. So I put them into pictures instead...

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Toads, caught in a web of lust

Mating toads caught in toad spawn

A couple weeks CB and I along with a couple of good friends attended the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards at the Mall Galleries. It was a fab night and a stunning exhibition. To have a photo hung alongside such amazing images was a genuine honour and I was completely thrilled to receive a highly commended in the 'behaviour' category of the awards.

Rich Bunce Walking Photographer at British Wildlife Photography Awards

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Lunenburg under Moonenburg

Trees and water tower

In my previous post of the Nova Scotia Series - 'Loo-nenburg, I mean Lunenburg' I was tentatively starting to feel better, however as my strength slowly returned, CB's dramatically declined, to the point she was unable to leave our lodge. This meant my time photographing this World Heritage UNESCO site was extremely limited. However, my urge to explore places with a camera does not yield easily and one evening as CB rested and our littlun slept, I crept out with my camera and tripod to explore a little... Read more

A Summer's evening on Ilkley Moor

Silhouette through grass

There's not much I enjoy more than heading out on my own and getting lost on Ilkley Moor. But it's good to share, and I also relish every opportunity I get to  share the experience of this stunning environment with others. Read more

Loo-nenburg, I mean Lunenburg

Fist Sunrise, Baby portrait looking out cabin window

In my "Best-laid plans" post I revealed the beginnings of a trip that got off to a dire start. The question I finished on was, would I be well enough to make the 100km drive from Halifax to Lunenberg?

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Golden Hour at Golden Acre

Railway Garden at Golden Acre Park

I love Golden Acre Park. It has literally everything a photographer could want! It is crammed with subject matter, with inspiration to be found around every corner. With the Golden Acre Park Photo Walk coming up this Saturday, I recently headed over to check on the route. The problem was, I didn't make it past the cafe! Read more

Brexit Graffiti

Here's a shot I took over in Otley, Leeds district of some political graffiti that caught my imagination...

Brexit Grafitti Otley

Please. Step away from the screen & take a walk


I don't know about you, but the last couple of days for me here in the UK have felt seismic, unprecedented and at times pretty heavy. It seems no-one really knows what's going to happen from here on in. Which means the news is compelling and social networks are buzzing louder than ever. As people sit (understandably) fixated on their screens waiting for the next drip of news, I wonder, may be it's the advertisers who are the real winners of this referendum?!

As easy at it is to get pulled into the sensationalistic media bubble, it is essential to step out of it for air and the only way I know how to do that is to take a walk!

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The best-laid plans

On a hotel bed with hospital tag
Self portrait in hotel room with hospital tag still on

It's fair to say the first twelve months of our Ted's arrival was a period of adjustment. Big adjustments. Our immersion into parenthood to me, was very similar to learning how to skate. As you begin to find a rhythm and just as you start to recognise the fulfilment of gliding round in a circle, you fall spectacularly on your backside!

So by thirteen months post-Ted, our trip to Halifax (Canada) had arrived and we were under no illusions. We did think however, with the tribe of in-laws that would also be there, we might find some safety in numbers. And if you're thinking "that sounds like the bit just before he land spectacularly on his backside again" you'd be right! Read more