Queen Elizabeth Lying in State Westminster Abbey on TV living room, Yorkshire

On the Death of the Queen

Queen Elizabeth Lying in State Westminster Abbey on TV living room, Yorkshire

I’ve always felt photography has this inimitable ability to mark both global and personal moments of significance. To lay down markers in our own and shared histories. To reflect “how it was” for us. The pictures shared today and this week, will be well planned and rehearsed. As a photographer, at such magnetic moments like this, it can be tempting to feel that if you’re not at the centre of it, you’re missing it. That ‘fear of missing out’ can be quite a crippling emotion. But as time passes and the “iconic” imagery loses its impact, it is the photos from outside of that centre that become more interesting. That become essential to telling the whole story.

Arne beach, Poole Harbour, Dorset

Non Je Ne ‘Egret’ Rien, My 40th at Arne

I’m not sure anyone can live a full life without having one or two small regrets, but I certainly hope that the number of regrets I encounter in my life never reach the number of egrets that frequent Arne in Dorset. Read more

Young sika deer (Cervus nippon) at RSPB Arne, Dorset

They Sika Here, They Sika There - My 40th at Arne

You don’t reach 40 years on planet earth everyday. So having completed 4 decades just about intact and with two offspring who will no-doubt be running circles around me very soon, I decided to take a leaf out of my dear sister’s book and stretch the celebrations out over several months! Read more

Pair of Curlew on development site

Shadow Over Sun Lane

Roe Deer young family, Sun Lane
“What will the generation after you blame you for then, I wonder?!” My Dad fires out across the dinner table, in an attempt to turn defence into offence during  an almost customary battle of words. Read more

Colossus Hummingbird (Gigas Numenius) Spotted Over Sun Lane Development Plot

Colossus Hummingbird (Gigas Numenius) Spotted Over Sun Lane Development Plot

On the 1st of April 2022 reports of a fictus avian named the Colussus Humming Bird (Gigas Numenius) caused twitchers from across the UK to descend en masse to Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire. Read more

The Sinner & Gene Therapy (Lunenburg, Nova Scotia)

My parents will enthusiastically tell anyone who listens, how from an early age I blamed all my faults on my genes and used genetics as absolution from any of my wrongs. Smart kid right?! What happened?! :D Read more

Alfie Grey Lurcher dog on Saltburn Beach Yorkshire

Happy New Year Alfie!

Another year blessed with our wonderful lurcher Alfie! Read more

House Sparrow in flight

“Winning” in Southall with Sparrows

As a daydreaming, continually grazed-kneed five-six-seven-year-old, visits to my grandparents in Southall were often met with mixed emotions.  Read more

Orange tip butterflies about to mate

The Morning After the Sleep Before

It’s the morning after two nights before. You’ve worked hard, partied hard - so hard that you’ve slept for twenty-four hours straight.Read more

Snowfall in Lockdown, a Slow Video

If there's one thing I've been consistently good at from childhood to now, it's looking out of windows. So as I try to focus on some image editing, it's no surprise that the sight of snow falling on the rooftops around me pulls my gaze like a blue bottle to a UV strobe. Computer off, tripod up, home studio window open and an afternoon gone. To help justify my poor discipline and beyond hope attention span, I made a short video of it (the snowfall not my attention span!). I hope you enjoy...

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