This year Alfie celebrated his Adoption Day in the Western Isles of Scotland (before lockdown part two). Which is why this yearly tribute is a little later than usual.

It’s been a perplexing year for our awesome lurcher. He’s had to entertain/suffer two cabin-fever struck young’uns for most of the year and had to put up with a fair amount of routine change. Despite the disruption and chaos of lockdown living, he was treated to some care-free runs over some spectacular beaches, which, (other than food and stretching out over a nice warm floor) is one of his favourite pastimes!

I’ve always felt Alfie is a dog that should be in some picturesque stately home, lounging by an enormous open fire after a day of causing all sorts of mischief for the gardeners and grounds staff. While our Victorian terraced house and our two unstoppable maniacs don’t quite offer the same grandeur he was born for, we hope the love, cuddles and lifetime supply of biscuits help show how lucky we feel to have this fantastic beast in our worlds! Happy adoption day Alfie.

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