Between 02.35 and 07.45 (GMT) earlier today a rare event called the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” occurred. Miss it? So did I! Don’t worry though you get another chance  in 2021. 

This impressively titled event combines a full moon, Supermoon and the not so common alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

While I missed the main event, the Moon prior to the one in the wee small hours certainly did catch my eye. I spent a good half hour gazing at it,  absorbed and consumed by it.

Just Like the shooting stars and planes that cross the night sky, so thoughts and imaginings whizzed across my brain at various degrees and speeds. How long have humans been enchanted by this luminous rock? To think that my ancestors, tens of thousands of years ago would of looked up in awe at this same ancient planet is, overwhelming.

Like breathing, the Sun and the Moon are things we easily take for granted. Yet, when our world is shaken or when something out of the ordinary happens the Moon and the Sun can steady us, comfort and inspire us. The Sun will rise tomorrow and a Full moon will return after a new Moon.

View of the supermoon from terrace window as starlings fly past
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