22nd April 2018, 18.16, (Facing East)

Corner Flag (yellow)
Magpies  7
Wood pigeon 130
Blackbird 2
Black Backed Gulls 22
Ferrell Pigeon 3
White clouds leaping out of dark grey
Pheasant 8
Mallards 15
Yellow rapeseed Fields x65
Carrion Crow 54
Wind turbine SML
Rainbow visible 35-100 degrees
Canada Geese 5
Greylag Geese 17
Kestrel Male
Shopping Trolley
Solar panel rooftops 9
Footpath closed sign
These bonds may not be released without reference to Doncaster AM&EE Sign
Unidentifiable ant-sized fly
Rice noodle thin raindrops on window
Jackdaw 45
Mute Swan 35
Wood anenemies
Paintball site
Brown Hare 3
Black headed gull 3
Edinburgh 250 miles (?!) wrought iron sign
Solar panel field 6
Lapwing 1
Power station in distance
Big Wind turbines further in distance
Coot on nest
Rook 6
House Martin 2
Swallow 3
Alpaca herd
Medium green wind turbine 2
Starling 1
Unidentifiable butterfly possibly red admiral
“Keep back from the platform edge passing trains cause air turbulence stand behind yellow line”
Rabbit 13
Sparrow Hawk 1
Herring gulls 24
Swan Signet 1
Big white wind turbines 10
Fallow Deer

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