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Due to the huge amount of walks and photos desperate to be given life on this blog I have decided to cut down on the usual waffle that is typical of these accounts and attempt to keep things brief. (“Hoorah!” I hear you say “At last!”)

This walk began and finished in the creatively named village of Wall. We were meeting some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while, who brought their two beautiful and HUGE  grey hounds. We were dog sitting, so we brought the in-law’s dependable and always entertaining Lurcher-Cross, Sam and quietly hoped for the best. (The best being Sam not getting eaten by these gorgeous but mahoossive dogs!).

The highlight of the walk was watching John rescue a heavily pregnant sheep stuck on its back.

Sheep stuck on back

Sheep rescue

At the time of this walk, we were on a run of choosing disastrous short cuts. Indeed, we joked about the fact at the beginning of the walk. Oh how we laughed (to my European friends: this is sarcasm) when the curse of the short cut struck again! We ended up having to walk back on the busy(ish) road leading into the village. By the time the pub was in sight it was every man, woman and dog for themselves.

The Hadrian Hotel was a very welcome sight and so was their beer. With my favourite (so far) Nothumberland brewer on tap, I had a pint of Golden Plover, brewed just down the road in Hexham at the Allendale Brewery, ace!

This walk was one of those strange ones. Despite starting in a village called Wall and finishing in a pub called The Hadrian Hotel there was very little ‘wall’ (as in Hadrian’s) to be seen. The walk did however offer a unique landscape, with many vistas looking like a cross-section from a Time Team reconstruction. The mix of archeology, agriculture, industry and housing all blurred together creating a rather unique environment to take in. An alpaca farm and a sighting of a hare were great highlights too, although spotting the latter without three fast strong dogs on a lead would have been more ideal!  Oh dear, it looks like I failed on the waffle front… Sorry. Well,  here are the photos anyway:

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