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Greylag Goose Portrait

But who is this creature with monstrous wings on its waterproof back? It has knobbly knees and a long stretchy neck and has terrible teeth in its terrible beak; its feet are webbed, its eyes are black. “Oh help, oh no its a Greylag Goose!”


If you’re not familiar with the borrowed and adapted lines above, you’ve probably not read the Gruffalo (yet). For the last year or so everywhere we take our 2¾ year old involves either a great big bear (hunt) or the Gruffalo!


Observing the imagination at this age is a beautiful and inspiring thing. But when you visit a place like Slimbridge Wetland Centre, as we did last year, you don’t need too much imagination to have a wild time!


It’s easy to forget just how incredible the world and all its inhabitants must appear to a littlun. So towards the of our time at Slimbridge, I used up the rest of our duck feed to get a kid’s-eye view of these beasts of land, sea and air!


Greylag Goose Portrait


Low angle of Greylag goose eating at Slimbridge


Inquisitive Greylag Goose