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Summer has arrived with a vengeance! We’ve been enjoying some stupendously good weather in the last week or so. I’m sure it wont be tool long though before we start to hear the cries of "e;It’s too hot!" To those struggling with the humidity and high temperatures, I thoroughly recommend heading up to the moor where there’s a cool breeze that (to me) is just perfect!

The moor is just teaming with life at the moment. A short walk will often produce sightings of skylarks, curlews, oyster catchers, red grouse and with all this life about predators have started to appear more active too with kestrel and red kites commonly seen hunting.

In other areas of Burley: I caught sight of a male red start by the stepping stones earlier last week which was the first time I’ve seen one there. I’m also sure there is a dipper nest near the weir but haven’t been able to confirm my suspicions.

With so much happening it’s very difficult staying indoors. So, I’ll just leave you with some photos from the week while I sign off and get back outdoors!

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