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Saturday Girl, Casey Orr


June’s Photo Book is a vibrant celebration of young women and their expressions of individuality. I bought this book from the exhibition at The Gallery at Munro House (an absolutely wonderful spot with a stunning Cafe next door!). The “book” has the feel of a broadsheet weekend supplement except bigger, more weighty and with no adverts!


It’s tempting to conclude that the lo-fi presentation of this photo book cheapens the experience of it, but that’s not the case here. The print quality is unquestionably high and well considered, while the move away from traditional gloss or lustre paper is like a breath of fresh air.


Just like German photographer August Sander in the 1920’s, Casey Orr uses her camera to collect people. This book exhibits her prized collection of young women captured and immortalised in her pop-up studio on a busy Saturday in Leeds.


I love the celebratory nature of this project and how it embraces the subjects in a honest yet positive way.


You can find out more about the project and buy this book on Casey Orr’s Website.