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group photo from Muybridge Workshop
When your expecting a baby there’s is A LOT of planning, preparations and decisions to make. Maybe one of the most discussed decisions in the build up and sometimes even after the birth, is the name. It took us eight and a half months to finally find a name for our son, who was born in July this year. In the end, we couldn’t believe that we hadn’t considered the name ‘Edward’ before…

Kingston born photographer Eadweard Muybridge was famed for proving that all four feet of a horse left the ground when galloping. The ground-breaking photography techniques he used to prove that horses could fly went on to influence artists and photographers around the world and was even adopted when making the film ‘The Matrix’.

In 2010 Tate Britain held a Muybridge Retrospective in collaboration with Kingston Museum who are custodians of the Muybridge Collection and founders of a great Muybridge resource:

As part of this event, I was commissioned to work with the education team to deliver a series of workshops that would bring Muybridge’s work to life for people of all ages. It was during this time that I met a very talented and rather lush education worker who would later become Mrs Walking Photographer!

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