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Fly Agaric toadstool

Last week, I started noticing all sorts of fungus cropping up on my walks. So I decided to spend a few minutes of each day specifically looking out for mushrooms, fungus and toadstools.

It’s is the perfect time of year to get out and view the weird and wonderful world of fungus. As the foraging season reaches its peak there is an abundance of natural treasures to discover and capture with your camera. Armed only with a camera phone, I went out for a short period every day in search of these diverse natural wonders. On one occasion I was so absorbed in the hunt I suddenly looked up to discover this beast just metres away!

Big bull, cow, beast

This is the best time to get out and capture the fantastic array of fungus in the UK. As you can see, you can get great shots with any camera including your phone. But hurry, they’re not usually around for long!

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