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Blue Bells in Sun Lane Nature Reserve, Burley in Wharfedale

Burley in Bloom

Burley in Wharfedale was looking “bloomin” good last week; the sun came out, which meant the flowers came out, which meant the butterflies and insects came out too!

Much of my attention was drawn to the Sun Lane area. The bluebells and flowering garlic found in the wooded areas of Sun Lane Nature Reserve are looking fantastic and well worth a visit. Sun Lane itself seems to be attracting a number of butterflies to the hedgerow boundaries that run alongside the road. I seemed to spend, or rather waste, a lot of my time running around chasing butterflies, trying to capture them with my lens, which caused much amusement to passers by!

Here’s the highlights from my natural observations of the last week:

Orange tips, cabbage whites, speckled wood and peacock butterflies (Sun Lane Hedgerow)

Buzzard gliding over Sun Lane Nature Reserve

Bull finch opposite the feeders at Sun Lane Nature reserve. Got a really close view of this stunning bird but it was too obscured by leaves and branches to get a good photo!

A fledgling which I think is a mistle thrush (see below)
Thrush fledgling in Burley in wharfedale

For the most part, it’s been a pretty awesome week, here’s my favourite pics from it:
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