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Last weeks weather was as eclectic as a John Peel mix tape! Heavy and lengthy downpours failed to put me off, in fact, I relished the heavy showers as it meant I got to test out my new DSLR rain coat!

DSLR Rain Jacket camera accessories

Burley Wildlife Spotting: Notes From Last Week:

Spent a lot of time watching Swifts, swallows & Sand Martins. These birds are amazing, so agile and fast! Been watching them mainly from my skylight window, often poking my head out when I hear that sharp shrill, indicating that they’re about! The best places (I’ve found) locally to catch these awesome aerial displays are around the green off Peel Place, Sun Lane and the stretch of the river Wharfe that runs adjacent to the A660.

Herons seem to be quite active. Often seen fishing by the weir and flying overhead from the village.

Family of long tailed tits on the boundaries of Sun Lane Nature Reserve

Have been observing a grey wagtail along with several young fledglings feeding around the weir area.

Caught a brief glimpse of dipper flying up stream

On a late evening walk I spotted a Hedgehog (!!!) on Leather Bank rd and a number of bats (need to research how to identify different species!). Shortly after seeing the Hedgehog I caught a glimpse of a barn owl, the ghostly figure silently glided in front of my path near Ghyll Royd School grounds, vanishing as quickly as it had appeared. No wonder these guys were mistaken as spirits! Barn Owls should be breeding soon so hopefully there may be some more sightings as they start to feed their young.

Have heard a cuckoo twice now by the stretch of river that runs alongside the A660.

Here’s the week in pics!

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