light, grey Lurcher dog portrait Yorkshire Dales, dog walking

Happy Adoption Day Alfie 2020

This year Alfie celebrated his Adoption Day in the Western Isles of Scotland (before lockdown part two). Which is why this yearly tribute is a little later than usual. Read more

Nature and wildlife graffiti Mural on Subway at Tolworth Roundabout. Nature Graffiti of a badger and kingfisher, London Suburbs

Hometown Roundabout Makeover (In Green)

Brussel sprouts, Trump, Mama Mia, U2, ketchup on baked beans and... Tolworth Tower. Yes, like Marmite, this 22 storey 1960's landmark or eyesore has both fans and critics. But now, Tolworth can boast a new attraction that must surely unite opinion and praise! Read more

Hoopoe, Upupa epops on a driveway digging for grubs Collingham, Leeds West Yorkshire

Mott the Hoopoe & All the Young(ish) Dudes!

Sporting a majestic mohawk, I guess the Hoopoe may be more punk-rock than my glam rock pun-tastic blog title (channelling Mott the Hoople) suggests! Read more

Mountain Pansy in Malham Dale near Malham Tarn

Mountain Pansy

In a secluded spot above the masses gathered at Malham Cove, I take a breather from the picnics and selfies and find some space, some quiet, and a flower I’ve never seen before. Read more

New Normal - Portrait Project taken during the Covid 19 corona virus lockdown in the UK by Rich Bunce Walking Photographer

New Normal, A Lockdown Portraiture Project

"I need things to go back to normal; I just don't want it to."

2020 has been been a terrible year, but it has also been a defining year. It has forced change, some good, some bad. It has introduced what many describe as a "new normal". Read more

Mother and son watch a mason bee approach solitary bee nest box

Is this the Summer of a Lifetime?

It won’t just be the virtual watchers of a Sun appearing over a pixelated Stonehenge who will have changed their plans this Summer.  All of us to varying degrees will have had to abandon preparations and adapt in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Read more

Long Tailed Tit, Aegithalos caudatus with nest material

Lichen, Moss and 1,500 feathers! The Wonder of a Long Tailed Tit's Nest

Nature is full of gob-smackingly awesome engineering, and right up there with the best of them is the long-tailed tit nest. Long-tailed tits are one of my favourite garden birds. It’s impossible not to smile when these miniature Nerf balls grace you with their presence. Read more

Plastic flamingo looking through window

Conwy: Castles, Peacocks & Flamingos

Flamingos, peacocks and tropical caravans might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Conwy in Wales.Read more

Sunset over ilkley moor by white wells

Why I Still Carry a Camera on Grey "Flat" Days...

Are housebound days more bearable in hot and sunny weather or is confinement easier on the cold and wet ones? As week six of lockdown measures in the UK drawers to a close, I'm still not sure.

Read more

Backlit daffodil, still from photo walk video

A Five Minute Walk In Lockdown

Spring is in the air and loo roll is back in the shops. Hooray! As we approach week four of lockdown, the bingeworthy boxsets are starting dwindle and novelty of being at home is beginning to wane. It's time to see things in a new light! Read more