Grebes weed dancing on the water, hares boxing on the fields, and peregrines performing death-defying ariel displays. For me, spring is often like going to a music festival where all your favourite bands are on different stages at the same time!

As spring bursts into action, it can be a dizzying dilemma to choose where to head out with your camera. Even my mantra of ‘if in doubt keep it local’ is problematic at this time as there is simply too much going on. But my failsafe for a day in nature, particularly this time of year is a river and moor walk.

It is the perfect day. An early spring morning by the banks of the Wharfe followed by an afternoon, and evening on the local moors (Burley, Ilkley, Addhingham etc.). Nearly always in that order for our stretches of the Wharfe get busier as the day goes on and the moors this time of year will often produce a photo-killing heat haze on such mornings.

Here’s some photo highlights from one such ‘perfect day’ taken late March last year.

This year, I’ve decided to share my perfect day with other by offering a River & Moor Nature Walk via Walking Photography. Taken a little later in April, the day before World Curlew Day, when there’s likely to be even more action both bankside and moorside!

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