“Shortbread or Gingers Nuts?!” These choice biscuits and one or two cups of tea will be the only immediate reward for braving the lofty heights of Baildon’s hilly settlements today.

Over the Winter Chris and Tony, (the founders of the Baildon Swift Group) have been churning out tens of Swift Nest Boxes. Now that Spring is in the air it’s time for the talk to become the walk, and when that walk is straight-up a twenty seven foot ladder, to my mind, there is no “good day” to put these beautiful and lovingly made boxes up. Nevertheless, the air is the warmest it’s been this year and the sun is shining. It’s a good a day as any to start the unenviable task of putting up the twenty odd swift boxes they so admirably crafted together during the colder months.

Baildon is a town in the Bradford District that is essentially built out of the side of a hill. The houses here quite literally lie on top of each other. This allows for some stunning views over the Aire Valley. Of course, this offers no reassurance to Tony as he juggles swift box and drill from such a giddying height.

With two nest boxes up, I’m sure the Ginger Nut biscuits and a second brew do as much to calm the adrenaline as they are a celebration on the successful implementation. The real reward however will come in the next five to eight weeks as the Swifts arrive all the way from Africa.

Over the next couple of weeks Chris & Tony will be putting up more boxes over Baildon in anticipation of one of our most glorious Summer visitors. If you’d like to know more or get involved in this marvellous project, please take a look at the Baildon Swift Group page.

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