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Sunset over Ballyholme beach, Bangor, Norhtern Ireland

We had great news this week as our good, good friends (and our son’s guide parents) told us about the safe arrival of their new-born baby! We’re totally thrilled for them and this most excellent news prompted me to publish a series of blog entries I’ve been meaning to post for a while now.

At least once a year we visit these friends in Bangor, Northern Ireland. This year we brought Alfie along too and caught the ferry from Troon. There are many, many great things about Bangor, (the crazy golf course and Jamaica Inn being two excellent examples!) but what I think really makes Bangor special is Ballyholme beach.

Alfie absolutely loves this beach, he made so many pals that he would chase and run from until his legs couldn’t go any further. At this point he would find a pool of water and duly collapse in it.

Ballyholme beach is a dog’s paradise and as Alfie’s paws twitch and he lets out a gentle howl in his sleep by our fire at home in Yorkshire, I’m pretty sure it’s Ballyholme he’s dreaming of!

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